In these modern times, it’s safe to say almost all guests checking in to your listing are looking to log in to the WiFi network. Especially those who are traveling internationally and don’t have cellular data.

How are you managing access? Just giving out a password to each guest?

What if you didn’t need to give everyone a password, and guests could enjoy internet access by simply providing their email address?

Enter AtmosFi…

Using AtmosFi at our listings reduces the friction of requiring our guests to fumble with a password while allowing us to stay engaged with them after their stay. Keeping in touch with past guests have even led to an increase in repeat guest bookings!

With AtmosFi we can also direct our guests to our online guidebook as soon as they log in to the WiFi network – allowing us to answer common questions before they’re asked.

AtmosFi perpetuates our values of automating the mundane so we can focus on what matters most – the guest experience!

We’re excited to work together with AtmosFi to compliment our home automation services for short-term rentals.

How will this all work you ask?

Check it out!