It’s getting late. Your guests were supposed to arrive three hours ago but their car broke down in Allentown, PA and now you’re stuck waiting around to hand off the keys to your place, when you should be home watching your Sunday night TV show line-up. 10:00 PM… Great – there goes Game of Thrones. You knew you should’ve set up the DVR!

A few weeks later while on vacation, you get a text from your brother back home:

“Weather’s been all over the place lately! Below freezing two days ago turned into 60 and sunny today! – What’s it like down in Ft. Lauderdale?”

Wow, 60 in February… Looks like the heating bill won’t be so bad this month! When you return from your trip however, you come home to find half of the windows open in the house. Your guests must have opened them up during that bout of warm weather, but now they’ve been wide-open for days and the heating system has been working overtime. Welp.. All you can do is brace for another $500 heating bill.

Both of these scenarios are all too common for AirBnB hosts and vacation rental owners – Both have happened to us in the past. In these moments, you – the host, are basically S.O.L.

But what can be done? Don’t these unfortunate situations come with the job? Maybe renting your place just isn’t what you thought it would be…

Not so fast there slugger. Did Rocky Balboa give up that easy… Ok I’ll save the movie anecdotes. But do not despair – there is a solution!

Many of your hosting qualms can be solved with Home Automation technology – and it’s much less complicated than it sounds!

In this series, we’ll explore the various solutions available to you as a tech-savvy vacation rental owner or AirBnB host.

Part 1: The Key Exchange

Part 2: Energy Savings